carlene testimonial, metamorphic fitness, Lafayette Indiana, Lost 20 pounds in 3 months

"I am really happy with the results that I have gotten after working with Amanda. Within three months, I had lost almost 20 pounds on her diet plan and was starting to see the muscles that were not visible prior to starting my program. I had always exercised to maintain health and fitness. I have even dieted to lose a few pounds but never was able to achieve the results that I have gotten with Amanda working with me."
~Carlene Quirk 

“I started going to Metamorphic Fitness because of knee pain I was having last spring when walking for exercise. I was planning a trip to Paris in September and it would include lots of walking and I wanted to enjoy all the sights and activities. After seeing Amanda a couple of times, she helped to relieve some of the issues causing the knee pain and I began doing several stretches, morning and evening. These made a major difference within a few weeks. I realized how important core strength and exercise is to eliminating back pain as well. I keep going because it keeps me more aware of my body, helps me stay focused on strength and stretching regularly, and allows me to maintain the active life I want.
~Shirley Pence

Marie Barnes testimonial, Metamorphic fitness, Lafayette Indiana, Lost 36 pounds and 28 inches in 3 months
"I am so pleased with the results after working out with Amanda just two days a week for the past three months. In that short time, I have lost 36 lbs. and 28 inches!! With the workouts especially designed for me and the nutrition plan that fits my lifestyle, this is just what I needed. I know I will reach my fitness goals by continuing to work out with Amanda."
~Marie Barnes

“As I look to my fitness journey, I know Met Fit will be a part of it. It’s not often you find a place to work out that empowers each other. No matter the day I am having or injury I am recovering, everyone supports you and encourages you. It has become my fitness family that I miss when I don't get to go in. I am grateful for not only the staff but the amazing women I work out next to every time I walk through the doors.”
~Kendra Baratta

Paula Winder, metamorphic fitness, Lafayette Indiana, Size 14 to size 6, feel stronger

"At age 63, I began training at a size 14 and am now a size 6! My friends say that I stand up straighter and walk taller now. I thank Amanda for her encouragement and for making me believe in myself. I feel so much stronger in many areas of my life because of my new physical strength!"
~Paula Winder

“The moment I walked into the gym in May 2016, I immediately felt welcomed and part of the Met Fit family!!! The embrace everyone showed me gave me the confidence and motivation to continue my personal health goals. The women in these classes are amazing and vary in fit level, but so supportive and encouraging-you strive to work as hard as you can!”
~Hope Richter



Karen Hatke testimonial, metamorphic fitness, Lafayette Indiana, Lost 10 pounds after hip replacement at 64 years old“I was a very fit person until I had a right hip replacement in 2007 due to a serious fall. My lifestyle became more and more sedentary because I feared disturbing my hip joint. My balance, strength, and flexibility were being affected and I was experiencing constant pain in my entire right leg. After just a few months, Amanda has shown me that I can safely exercise at an effective level, and the results have been amazing as I progress. Thanks to Amanda’s holistic approach to fitness, I also lost 10 pounds and I am learning to make better eating choices. At 64, I feel stronger and healthier than ever before.”

~Karen Hatke

“This was one year ago in Feb. vs. last week. Fitness Journey is such a fitting name because a journey doesn't have to end. It continues and takes you to new places you have always dreamed of and/or places you never dreamed of being. This is a small piece of my 6-year journey. I'm down 37 lbs. from a year ago but down 81 lbs. from 6 years ago. Fitness and health have been my greatest 'find' in the past year. No more short-lived crazed diets or fads...this is my fitness journey that has only just begun.”
~Nikki Hicks


Narda J testimonial, metamorphic fitness in Lafayette Indiana, Lost 3.5% body fat, 28 pounds 23 inches in 8 weeks.

Narda lost over 3.5% body fat, 27.8 pounds & 23 inches in just 8 weeks! “I was really out of shape and I knew I had a long road ahead of me. I not only wanted to lose weight but I wanted to be stronger and healthier. I told Amanda that I wanted to lose 30 lbs before my Cancun trip after Thanksgiving. I have already reached that goal faster than I thought possible and I am continuing to set new goals for myself."
~Narda J.

"I am so happy I joined MetFit! The trainers are amazing! I love that we work on not just fitness and weight loss but my health and body wellness, as a whole. The classes are not just your average aerobics class, there is a trainer there to help with your form and answer questions, not just lead you through the motions. When I feel like I'm messing up or need advice, there is a community of ladies that I work out with at the click of a button, ready to encourage me and give me ideas."
~Julie Sears



Jordan J testimonial, metamorphic fitness, Lafayette Indiana, lost 6% body fat, 33 pounds and 26.5 inches in 5 months

Jordan has lost over 6% body fat, 33 pounds & 26.5 inches in 5 months!  “I am thrilled with the results that I have gotten at Metamorphic Fitness! I’ve lost over 33 pounds so far with training sessions personalized to my abilities and goals. Amanda has continued to help me to stay on track with my nutrition even though I am now away at school. As I continue my fitness journey, I feel healthier and more confident than ever that I can reach any goal. Thanks, Metamorphic Fitness!”

~Jordan G.


I have been thrilled by my success at Met Fit in the past 6 months! Not only have I worked to lose weight, but the strength I have gained has been a great bonus. I’ve learned I can do a lot more than I thought! The trainers and gals have motivated and inspired me to push myself to do my best each time I'm there!

-Christi T

Christi has lost 28 pounds and 34 inches!